Chris Myers Released

Today the Houston Texans announced the release of veteran center Chris Myers.  The roster move will create a $6,000,000 savings towards the team salary cap for 2015.  This move also creates $2,000,000 in “dead money” from the remaining unallocated signing bonus money.  The total savings on the release is $5,565,000 because a $435,000 salary player … Read more

Salary Cap Adjustments

Today the NFLPA report appeared to include team adjustments in the numbers.  For the Houston Texans the report reflected a credit adjustment of $1,779,133 towards the team salary cap.  I am still trying to figure out the exact details of the adjustment.  Some of the details I may never know, but at least we know … Read more

NFLPA 2015 Salary Cap Projection

NFLPA spoke with player agents this morning concerning the 2015 salary cap projection.  Per Tom Pelissero of USA Today the NFLPA has projected the 2015 salary cap to be no less than $143 million.  Expectedly this is above the $138 – $141 million projection from the NFL.  This is the first year for the NFLPA … Read more