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You probably noticed the website has been changed up a bit, mainly appearance wise.  I felt it was time to shake things up a bit to give the site a bit of a face lift.  I have also made another dramatic change; I have removed the player specific pages and cap tables from view.  My intention is for this change to be temporary.

Unfortunately I am not proficient in SQL agreements and coding to import in contract numbers from a master source.  My practice was to update multiple tables when there was a transaction by the team.  Spare time has become limited as our family size increases and my updates have been falling behind.  Personally I would rather have no player data instead of having incorrect data.  The salary cap space table & page will continue to remain updated and visible.

I am currently researching other ways and programs to maintain the specific player & cap table data.  During this time I will be import in player data from which is an outstanding site covering the salary caps of all 32 NFL teams.  I assist entering in data for the AFC South teams; this means the Texans information will always be up to date.  Once I source a better system for my website I will return the data to public view.

Thank you for your continued support.  My intention is to use my time for analysis and more articles instead of the spending the time with data entry.


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