Catching Up On Player Updates

Busy would be an understatement on my end the past month.  Since the Texans are on a bye week this provided me the opportunity to get the website updated.


  1. Brandon Dunn from Practice Squad, to Active Roster, to Practice Squad, and back to the Active Roster.
  2. K.J. Dillon designated designated to Injured Reserve.
  3. Brennan Scarlett designated to Injured Reserve.
  4. Denzel Rice to Practice Squad.
  5. Don Jones signed to the Active Roster.
  6. Kevin Johnson designated to Injured Reserve.
  7. Lonnie Ballentine activated to the Active Roster.
  8. Derek Newton designated to Injured Reserve.
  9. Jeff Adams signed to the Active Roster.
  10. Joseph Cheek waived from the Practice Squad.
  11. Josh Walker signed to the Practice Squad.
  12. Robert Nelson signed to the Active Roster.
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