NFL Announces 2016 Team Salary Cap

The NFL has announced that the team salary cap will be set at $155,270,000, representing a 7.7% increase from the 2015 salary cap number.  This is not the final adjusted salary cap for the Houston Texans.  Let’s explain what that means.

The Texans adjusted team salary cap will consist of:  NFL cap + Carryover + Credit/Debt Adjustment.

The NFLPA announced the final carryover numbers for each team a few days ago.  As suspected the Texans will carry over their full available amount of $1,637,055.  This is the amount of remaining cap space the Texans had at the completion of the 2015 regular season.  The Texans were required to formally notify the league office & NFLPA on how much the team intends to carryover.  This must be completed between the end of the regular season and February 24th (14 days prior to the start of the new league year).

The final piece has yet to be formally announced however we have our prediction available on the team adjustment.  We discussed in detail the expected credit adjustment for the Texans in the salary cap preview article.  That number is expected to be $934,596.

$155,270,000 + $1,637,055 + $934,596 = $157,841,651 adjusted salary cap for the Texans.

As always you can find the full table breakdown on available cap space here.


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