Team Transactions – Clowney & Dent Activated off PUP/Active

August 17th, 2015

Today the Houston Texans activated JaDaveon Clowney & Akeem Dent to the active roster; from the Physically Unable to Perform (PUP) Active list.  This means both players have passed the team physicals and are able to return to full practice activities with the team.  There is no timeline for when we might see Clowney on the field, but I would be surprised if we played at all in the preseason.  The activation’s do not have any implications on the salary cap.  However there are some caveats on how the team would proceed if either player sustains another injury.

Scenario 1

Should Clowney or Dent sustain an injury that renders the player unable to pass a team physical BUT the injury is different than what caused the player to be placed on the PUP/Active List at the beginning of camp; then the team cannot place the player back onto the PUP/Active or PUP/Reserve lists.  The player would need to be placed on injured reserve, waived (followed by injury settlement), or kept on the roster as is.  It is highly unlikely that either player would be waived at this point.

Scenario 2

Should Clowney or Dent becomes re-injured with the same original injury; then the team will have the option to place the player back to the PUP List, but it would be the PUP/Reserve List.  This would cause the player to miss the first part of the season, but would not take up a roster spot.


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