2015 NFL Draft – Third Day

During the second day of the NFL draft, the Houston Texans traded away most of their Day 3 draft assets.  Going into the final day of the NFL Draft, the team only had 4 draft picks remaining three of which were compensatory picks (which cannot be traded).

Round 5 Comp:  Keith Mumphrey – Wide Receiver out of Michigan State

Round 6 Comp:  Reshard Cliett – Linebacker out of Central Florida

Round 6 Comp:  Christian Covington – Defensive Tackle out of Rice University

Round 7:  Kenny Hilliard – Running Back out of Louisiana State University.

After the completion of the draft came the mad rush of signing the undrafted rookie free agents.  The Texans signed an additional 21 players and 3 players on a tryout basis.

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