Updated team cap space after a ton of moves!

The 2015 offseason for the Houston Texans have started off and for the first time in 3 years we are seeing the team really spend some money and make some moves.  The team officially announced the resigning of Kareem Jackson and Derek Newton.  Agreements were met with Ryan Mallett on a 2 year deal, Demarius Johnson on a 1 year deal.  The team announced the expected release of Andre Johnson; along with back up QB Thad Lewis.  The team is still awaiting final decision from Brian Hoyer and the New York Jets appear to be making one last effort.

Adjusted cap numbers after today’s announcements puts the team cap space at $12,455,469.  We are still awaiting word on Brian Hoyer and any RFA/ERFA tenders.  Houston has positioned themselves well for the 2015 new league year.

Tomorrow I will update the main salary cap table, and player contracts pages tomorrow.

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