Kareem Jackson & Derek Newton resign

It seems to have been a productive day for Rick Smith and the Houston Texans.  News broke today of the resigning of starting Right Tackle Derek Newton and starting Cornerback Kareem Jackson.

Derek Newton signed a 5 year deal worth $26.5 million with $10 million in guaranteed money.  There has not been very many details leaked out on the structure of the deal.  But we have learned that the deal offers cash flow of $10 million in the first year, $13.75 million over two years, and $17 million over three years.  No reports yet on amount of signing bonus and guaranteed portion of salary.

Kareem Jackson signed a 4 year deal with $20 million in guaranteed money.  Initial reports show the new deal to include $9 million signing bonus, $4 million roster bonus (likely due a few days after new league year), $1 million salary in 2015 (guaranteed), $6.5 million salary in 2016 (guaranteed).  We can infer what the remainder of the contract will be from there.

I will have the player pages & cap tables up later tonight or tomorrow evening at the latest.


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