NFL sets Team Salary Cap, NFLPA Updates, and Andre Johnson news!

Wow!  What a day it has been.  Let’s re-cap what all has been announced:

  1. At mid day the NFL announced that the team salary cap would be $143,280,000 for the new league year.  That represents an increase of $10,280,000 when compared to the team salary cap in 2014.
  2. A few hours later, the NFLPA releases their finalized team carry-over and adjustment numbers and providing the adjusted team cap numbers for 2015.  For the Houston Texans, the adjusted team cap number came in at $146,025,746.
  3. Just when you thought the day for finished…biggest news yet for Texan’s fans.  Andre Johnson granted permission to seek a trade, if unable to do so, the Texans will release him.

Andre Johnson will have a difficult time finding a trade partner for the Houston Texans based on his age & contract value.  Other teams will likely just stand back and wait for Houston to release Johnson.  A trade would probably be the preferred transaction for Johnson so that his salary is not lost.  If released, it will be interesting to see what the market brings for him.

A trade or release of Andre Johnson represents a cap savings of $8,825,000 for the Houston Texans.  The team will incur a total of $7,319,583 that will accrue immediately towards the 2015 as “dead money”.

Based on the finalized salary cap numbers, and Johnson being released, the Texans will be looking at approximately $22.3 million in cap space.  More than enough to resign Ryan Mallett and Derek Newton; while providing space to retain Kareem Jackson or go after a high profile free agent wide receiver.

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